Monday, February 16, 2009

Corporation Screws over Powerseller with Negative Feedback

Yep, that's right! Looks like Clear Water Inc. located in South Plainfield New Jersey is taking advantage of ebay's horrible feedback system!

The buyer with the username clear-water-inc will win auction items and not pay and then post negative feedback.

One Powerseller that has over 2400 positive feedback and no negatives was so shocked to learn of the first negative from a NON PAYING Buyer.

A quote from a Powerseller: "I am so shocked that ebay allows such a thing. I have been selling on ebay for years and have never been treated so unfairly. I had 100% positive feedback and all of my star ratings were 4.8 and above. The sellers cannot even leave a buyer a negative anymore and the buyers take advantage. For ebay not to remove this unjust negative caused me to take my listings off ebay and sell eleswhere. Ebay just doesn't "get it". They need to come to terms and see that the "sellers" are ebay's customers. I'm just sickened by this, the buyer didn't even purchase and pay for the item".

Now since this is a corporation going around and playing these games, we are able to show their identity. Here is the contact information on the company:

Clear Water Inc.
150 Maple Ave. #251
South Plainfield NJ 07080
United States
(732) 983-2514

The individual of the company performing these acts is named "Sue".

Please add Clear Water Inc. too your blocked bidders list!

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  1. This is a crime! EBay should take responsiblity and take action against this person and others like them. Thanks for the heads up!