Friday, January 30, 2009

Banned Lollishop Vendors are Getting Money Back From Paypal!!

It appears that Miss Sadie Lou went on a banning rampage and started to ban a lot of sellers on her awful site.

After reading the Lollishops Support Group, I see that a lot of vendors are filing reversal claims via Paypal to recoup their subscription fees.

As stated on the Lollishops site, all listings will remain active for a total of 6 months. Sadie has canceled listings and pocketed money. She did not allow the listings to last their full 6 month term.

Some of the vendor's paid for their subscriptions in late November. Paypal only allows 45 days after a transaction to file for reversal. One vendor spoke with a representative of Paypal on the phone and was told that since the term was a 6 month obligation that they will still register the claims. If Paypal denies the claims then vendors are able to claim their fees from their credit card company as long as it's within 90 days.

I wonder if this will bring Lollishops to bankruptcy?? I hope Sadie has a good attorney because she is definitely going to need one.


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  1. Paypal claim that they only hold their limited account user monies for 6 months to make sure that all payments are cleared from fraudulant activities.