Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When will Jessica Simpson just GIVE UP??

She sucked at popped, is dive bombing in country. I just can't help but think the reason why she even transitioned over to country was because she is jealous of Carrie Underwood...We all know Tony Romo is still hung up on Carrie right??

I just bet it eats Jessica up inside being that she will NEVER win a country music award and Carrie keeps beating Jessica's socks off!! Hellooooo Jessica....you need to take it like a lady and give up!!! Your singing is so off key when you sing live and you look like a donkey with those funky facial expressions as you sing....

Please Please tell your daddy not to get you another movie deal...those sucked too!!

Focus on your shoe designs because your make up and your wig designs bombed too!!

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